Senior Relocation Consultation

As an advocate, confidant, and friend, Golden Age Caregivers will address every need and concern throughout the difficult decisions to relocate a loved one.

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC knows it can be painful witnessing or hearing about a loved one struggling to maintain themselves and their home. As we grow older, simple household chores become exerting tasks. Maybe clothes aren’t cleaned regularly, or their house needs cleaning. Maybe they’re struggling with memory lapses, perhaps getting around is not as easy as it used to be or an illness saps their strength. Family members able to assist with caring can live out of the city, or out of state. This is when we’re often confronted with the prospect of relocating an elderly parent or loved one. Sometimes it’s to a location closer to home, within our own homes or to a facility better able to provide continuous 24/7 care.

No matter the circumstances, the very thought of a move can be harrowing for a senior to accept. It means leaving behind friends, memories and starting new chapters. The challenges of a move create added stress and even depression. Golden Age Caregivers, LLC is skilled in the delicate nature of senior relocation. We focus on the often overwhelming and traumatic issues seniors and their families face when moving. Our expertise and time are available to help make a move as stress-free and less traumatic as possible.

There are many options when it comes time to talk about senior relocation. Golden Age Caregivers, LLC can provide our vast knowledge to help make informed decisions. We are experienced moving seniors from home to home, and home to facilities, in state or out. We are always available to talk about choices including retirement communities, senior apartments, assisted living, or dementia care communities to discussing possibilities and helping to determine the best fits based on the individual needs of your loved one.

Moving a loved one doesn’t have to a traumatic experience for them or you. Let Golden Age Caregivers, LLC guide you through this often difficult and stressful process.

If you have an elderly loved one needing to be relocated call Golden Age Caregivers, LLC today at 561-613-3346 to discuss options and help create a plan of action.