About Us

Referring In-Home Senior Caregivers in Boca Raton

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC believes in a unique in-home senior care giving service to individuals in need of in-home care. The caregivers we refer provide highly customized and individualized Plans of Care (PAC) for our clients focusing on allowing them to lead productive and independent lifestyles. At Golden Age Caregivers, LLC every aspect of life is evaluated in order for us to refer the caregiver that best suits a specific individual or family member. This highly customized approach to referring quality caregivers in-home senior care service yields long term relationships with clients and is the cornerstone of our success.

At Golden Age Caregivers, LLC we apply careful attention to details and ensure the care and needs of our clients always comes first. We stand true to our mission to refer caregivers that will provide the very best in-home senior care for those who can’t care for themselves by utilizing our unique matching system and customized Plan of Care (PAC), to allow client’s to avoid stress and better enjoy their GOLDEN YEARS of life.

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC stands committed to the belief our clients deserve the best years of their lives and with our help, can alleviate daily stresses to better enjoy these more relaxed years. The caregivers we refer offer a complete range of senior care services to our clients from companionship, assistance with activities of daily living, social interaction, to appointment managing, running errands and even senior relocation consultation to within the United States and abroad. Golden Age Caregivers’ relationships with other healthcare professionals in Florida, provide a logistical ability to address any client’s needs.

We believe that our clients deserve the best golden years of their lives. Every client relationship is personally overseen by the ownership of Golden Age Caregivers, LLC with continuous evaluations and recommendations by the caregivers as needs change.

Who We Are

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC was born from Elaine Brown’s recognition that our loved ones deserve the very best Golden years of their lives. Her career in senior care started from a sincere passion for the elderly. As an insurance consultant specializing in long-term care, Ms. Brown quickly recognized the need for better care and enhanced life solutions for the aging population. Her philosophy that every client’s needs should be met with “empathy, kindness and capable care while enhancing their quality of life” has laid the groundwork for a unique caregiver referral service that puts heart over matter. Having watched elderly friends and family members struggle with personal care choices, Elaine became inspired to create a personalized Nurse Registry that offers a comprehensive referral service where the clients and their needs are put front and center.

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC believes every client should be able to choose their caregivers and customize a plan to meet their lifestyle objectives, needs and requirements. They have developed a unique Caregiver matching program whereas clients can research and evaluate our caregivers to ensure each caregiver is best suited to their specific needs. Combined with Golden Age Caregiver, LLC’s strict Caregiver screening process, you can rest assured you or your loved one will be in the very best of hands.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Locally owned & operated
  2. Meticulously Select & Screen All Caregivers with Level II background checks
  3. Ownership that gets to know each of our clients personally
  4. Available 24/7
  5. Personalized Attention to Care
  6. Licensed by State of Florida
  7. We accept Private Pay and Long Term Care Insurance
  8. Bonded and Insured
“It is with joy, pleasure, and relief that Steve Weiss and Elaine Brown Tubero and their crew at Golden Age Caregivers are a part of my life, both professionally and personally. As an investment advisor assisting families, without hesitation I recommend Golden Age Caregivers, LLC to solve day to day concerns and provide long term, hands-on care. As a family member living out of state, I have called on them to assist my own aging family members. Day or night, they are present to help. When I am older and in need of assistance, I will move to Florida so Steve and his crew of fabulous caregivers can take care of me.”

– RC, Utah

How Can Golden Age Caregivers Help You and Your Loved One?

Whether it is the assistance with activities of daily living, shopping, household chores, or just companionship for a loved one, our in-home care providers are there for you when you need them most.