Anxiety & Depression Care

Anxiety can develop for a variety of reasons in older people. Our Caregivers know the warning signs to watch for and more importantly, they know how to help.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 3 to 14 percent of older adults experience anxiety disorders in any given year. This can happen for a variety of reasons; from physical ailments, extreme stress, trauma, or bereavement, to concerns over aging and what that means to their health and vitality.

At Golden Age Caregivers, LLC we know that anxiety and stress can sometimes lead to further complications. When our in-home caregivers provide elderly care they help manage the anxiety that can develop. Often simply having someone around to talk to and interact with can help lessen the effects of anxiety and help create a less stressful environment. Our clients view our caregivers as caring companions and trusted friends who are there in times of need. This helps build a support system our clients find comforting and as a result they feel less anxiety about situations and events.

A Golden Age Caregiver provides attention and caring to each and every client.

Our experienced caregivers are available for the following:

  • Spend time talking about what the client is experiencing
  • Communicate noticed changes in the clients behavior or emotions
  • Listen WITHOUT being judgmental
  • Accompany client to the doctor or health professional
  • Talk openly about their feelings
  • Encourage them to try to get enough sleep, exercise and to eat well
  • Offer praise for accomplishing something that was difficult and anxiety-provoking.

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC understands the importance of reducing anxiety and stress for elderly clients. Each of our exceptional caregivers strive to make each client as comfortable as possible and help reduce worries. If you have a loved one in need of Anxiety care or Companionship, contact Golden Age Caregivers, LLC at 561-613-3346 to begin the matching process.

Advancing age isn’t the only thing bringing seniors down. Depression can be a significant issue for a senior to cope with.

Depression in extremely common in the elderly community. It affects more than 6.5 million of the 35 million Americans aged 65 years or older. A common myth when an elderly person exhibits symptoms of or has been diagnosed with depression is they are experiencing it simply because of their age. The truth is most elderly people with depression have actually experienced symptoms for much of their lives.

Depression sets in for various reasons such as how age has affected every day life, thoughts of loved ones lost, to illnesses that make every day living challenging and difficult to overcome. No matter the cause, depression can make simple tasks for the elderly seem monumental and is closely linked with dependency and various forms of disability. This results in causing undo suffering for both the individual and their families. When combined with other diseases or illness, the effects can be devastating.

Golden Age Caregivers, LLC are unique in we don’t just help provide the care that is necessary to seniors struggling with depression. Our caregivers strive to be a positive difference in the life of your loved one. We feel life doesn’t need to be defined by age or illness, but by how it can be lived in spite of them. Our in-home caregivers will support and care for your loved one dealing with this issue and tirelessly work with them to relieve the symptoms and effects depression can have.

We allow and encourage our clients to live an enriched and full life by:
Confronting the feelings of isolation with activities developed to fight off depression
Advocating alertness and awareness about what the individual may be experiencing
Understanding and addressing health concerns that may be contributing to the symptoms

Your loved one deserves the very best in their later years. Golden Age Caregivers‘ goal is to lessen the destructive impact of depression as much as possible for our elderly clients. We are committed to ensuring our clients don’t feel isolated and down due to life’s trials. Our caregivers continuously work to help our clients feel invigorated and reinstill a sense of self and independence.

If you have a loved one coping with depression, call Golden Age Caregivers, LLC at 561-613-3346 today to find out how we can help provide the much needed support to your loved to positively deal with the effects.