Take a look at what people are saying about Golden Age Caregivers, LLC

“Making the transition from complete independence to needing assistance is difficult and traumatic. I am fortunate having Golden Age Caregivers come into my life and help me to make that transition. The personal attention and professional advice I received from Steve and Elaine has made the process much easier. My care givers are especially selected for me, not on a rotation basis. In this highly commercialized world, it is a pleasure to be treated as an individual, not a member.”

“Should you or a dear one need care I highly recommend Golden Age Caregivers.”

– Elaine G. Etess

“I have used Golden Age Caregivers for the past two years for my wife who suffers from Alzheimer’s. They have provided excellent care with very professional caregivers. The ownership’s personal involvement is what truly differentiates them from other care giving services I have used. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking professional caregivers help, particularly those whose loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia.”

– Jeffrey M. Feiner, Boca Raton

“It is with joy, pleasure, and relief that Steve Weiss and Elaine Brown Tubero and their crew at Golden Age Caregivers are a part of my life, both professionally and personally. As an investment advisor assisting families, without hesitation I recommend Golden Age Caregivers to solve day to day concerns and provide long term, hands-on care. As a family member living out of state, I have called on them to assist my own aging family members. Day or night, they are present to help. When I am older and in need of assistance, I will move to Florida so Steve and his crew of fabulous caregivers can take care of me.”

– RC, Utah

“Professional, dependable, and caring are the words which define Elaine and Steve. Under their tutelage, Golden Age Caregivers attends to every aspect of our needs, with no challenge insurmountable nor inconvenient. Our family is lucky to know such compassionate caregivers at such a difficult time. Their help continues to give us peace of mind. “

– With Gratitude, Laura Feinberg

“Customer service is the name of the game
Golden Age Caregivers puts the rest to shame.

Since day one when change was obvious in Mom’s life
Daily living for me from afar, was filled with strife.

She needed help, yet for one reason or another
No one appeared capable of caring for my mother.

Enter Elaine and Steve – caring, professional and devoted too
They comforted my soul – executing what was needed to do.

Each phone call I make, each time that I call
I’m treated with respect – they want to know all.

Each aide was hand chosen, with references galore
Mom receives compassion and caring like never before.

My shoulders are lighter – I must confess
For no longer am I consumed with continual stress.

Their job is filled with overwhelming demands
Yet, I am fully certain Mom is in the best hands. “

– Adrienne Cohen, 1/18/2015